I cannot speak highly enough about Sutton and Nash General Services, LLC for several reasons. I was telling a friend about several unsatisfactory experiences I have had with lawn care services and how frustrated I was with the look of my lawn and its care. I have had 4 different individuals within the past 6 years to take care of my lawn. I was very disappointed with their business and business practices. My friend told me about Mr. Sutton. He had just finished painting some rooms in her home and I was extremely impressed. Sutton and Nash General Services, LLC is so much better than my previous lawn care professionals. They do not get grass clippings in the mulched areas (that was put in place by them) and they do not leave clumps of mowed grass in the yard or sidewalk. They always doa terrific job and, when the weather is dry and there is no need for mowing, they had no problem putting off the work for a week or two. Always cut on the day agreed upon. I love the edging service, the lawn always “pops” from the curb line, trees trimmed, mulching, and whatever I ask has always been done to my satisfaction.
The owner has also done some work inside my home and I was very much pleased. He would not charge me for the service because he stated it did not take any time to accomplish the task. He has a generous, kind, and loving spirit. Both gentlemen are very professional in every sense of the word. I will definitely continue using Sutton and Nash General Services, LLC. for my lawn and home care needs. The service is competitively priced.